Understanding Love


My name is Love. I mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. As you go through life and experience different types of love, I want you to understand the guiding principles behind my existence. A lot of people use me as an excuse to manipulate and hurt others, but I am never those things used to cause harm to oneself and to others. If you take the time to truly understand what I’m about, then you will be able to recognize my impersonators that claim they are me but are full of negativity and toxicity. When you truly understand who I am, you will be able to see me in others. That will bring happiness and satisfaction to your life. So below are the characteristics of who I am and how I show up in relationships.

1- Love is never jealous. No exceptions.

2- Love never expects perfection or blind obedience.

3- Love will always show you their commitment, not just verbalize it.

4- Love will NEVER ask you to change who you are to fit into someone else’s image of you or make you compromise your values and beliefs.

5- Love does not verbally belittle you in front of others or in private.