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E kuahui like
i ka hana

"Let everyone pitch in and work together"

We are creating a safe space, in support of menstruators,   to decolonize our mindset, reclaim indigenous practices, and celebrate our moon cycles.


Pua Mohalaʻs goal is to provide an inclusive environment that represents and honors multiple indigenous cultures. Indigenous people share familiar stories of oppression. Overcoming that is only possible through the creation of community. 


We are a two women show, owning and operating Pua Mohala and itʻs events along with our full time jobs, but this is our passion. With the Mahina + Me retreat, we are committed to creating this space for menstruators. We have a small but mighty team behind this event. Without them, this feat of event planning, facilitating, marketing, communications, and financial planning would be difficult. To honor all of our collaborators, we are committed to compensating all of our speakers, facilitators, community partners, and interns. 


We believe everyone deserves to have access to this knowledge. We donʻt want to turn any menstruator away if they desire to participate in the retreat and would like to provide scholarships. 


This is where we need your help. If our mission and passion resonates with you, and if you are able, weʻd deeply appreciate your support us in this journey by contributing to our Go Fund Me in honor of creating a scholarship fund in honor of our dear friend, Cami Kameaaloha Kanoa-Wong. With the blessing of the Kanoa-Wong ʻOhana, we strive to continue to honor Camiʻs work in sharing Hawaiian birth practices, womb care, and aloha ʻāina advocacy.


Otherwise, simply sharing this message with anyone you feel would benefit from this is also welcome. From monetary donations to kind thoughts and words, we are incredibly grateful for all and any of your support. 

Mahalo to our generous supporters

and community partners

Kameaaloha Scholarship- Mahina + Me Retreat 2022
Pua Mohala

Kameaaloha Scholarship- Mahina + Me Retreat 2022


Coach Alyssa Chang

With the health industry currently saturating the market with “quick fix” and “cookie cutter” approaches, I aim to challenge these "norms" by taking a whole human approach to health. With over 9 years of studying neuroscience, I work with clients to improve their connection between the brain and body, so they can better listen, trust and befriend their bodies.


Mai Movement

They host and partner with other Hawaiʻi organizations to conduct donation drives for menstrual products, They are also leading the legislation to ensure that menstrual products are available and free to every menstruator in Hawaiʻi public schools 

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