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Mohala Membership

A community for families raising
culturally conscious young adults. 

A modern family’s concern: that they are raising their children in isolation. The uncertainty of making the right choices as a parent can be frightening. Are you too strict? Not strict enough? Are your children in the right activities? How do you set them up to navigate their futures? Do they have the tools to be good human beings? These questions carry added weight as our babies turn into teens and our teens into adults. Yet no matter the age of our ‘ōpio (youth/young adult), we understand that our guidance is necessary throughout it all. 


Children are raised in a village, surrounded by many attentive and supportive adults - aunts and uncles to help with discipline, grandparents to pass down knowledge through their stories. That’s the way it has always been, and the way it can continue to be. When we incorporate indigenous ways of knowing, we remember that we don’t need to be raising young human beings all by ourselves. We remember that community members can also become our children’s mentors. 


As we navigate this modern society as parents with so many unknowns, our children need to be surrounded in support and reminded to stay grounded in prioritizing mental health, holistic healing, and aloha ‘āina. Through our workshops and retreats, ‘ōpio will garner the skills and knowledge necessary to become culturally conscious adults that understand what it means to build a community, cherish relationships, and navigate the world with empathy, respect, and aloha. Our events are designed to support and ground your child to tackle their future head on. Let us be the village to support you and your child. 

The Mohala Membership is valued at over $575 per month, which includes unlimited event access, access to our online library of masterclasses, and parent support. With the Mohala Membership, your family, including one (1) ‘ōpio and two (2) guardians, will have access to all events and support for only $75 per month.

Pua Mohala is an online and in-person community, dedicated to supporting your child through adulthood. By becoming a Mohala Member, youʻll join a village of culturally conscious families striving for their childʻs future success.

Benefits for families ready to connect online and in-person:

  • Access to online Masterclasses

  • Unlimited access to in-person & virtual courses/events

  • Access to monthly parent support chats

  • Free monthly 30 min 1:1 calls

  • A welcome kit (valued over $100)

  • 25% off In-person or virtual retreats

  • 25% off Masterclass materials &/or Self Care boxes

Our story:

Pua Mohala started as a pair of professional mamas who saw the need for teens to have a safe space to explore the world without judgement. With over 35 combined years of experience in mental health and education, we saw the gap in services for teens, especially those teens of black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) families. 


We launched Pua Mohala in September 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, many of our teens were reeling with the mental health and social-emotional effects from months of isolation. As we still manage the global pandemic, we strive to support our teens and their families as we all navigate this new normal. 


If you are ready to support your teen to become a culturally conscious adult and receive the parenting support you need to get them there, our membership is for you!


Become a part of our Pua Mohala community with Mohala Membership.

Not ready to be a full community member?

Check out our online library of Masterclasses
or our open workshops.

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