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  • Individual, family, & couple counseling
    Prices Varies
  • Take an hour a month to connect with other guardians just like you!
    25 US dollars
  • Individual coaching to reach your goals.
    Comp first session
  • 30 minute virtual call to for Mohala Members ONLY
  • Learn to use this Hawaiian technique of observation
    25 US dollars
  • Family event to explore the mindfulness activity of making a lei
    25 US dollars
  • For young menstruators navigating puberty and menstruation
    75 US dollars

Due to COVID-19,

we are conducting virtual courses

and small in-person events.

In-person events are conducted on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi.


Interested in becoming a member with additional benefits?

Click on the link below!


Want to help?

Inspired to support our mission in providing healing and advocacy opportunities for our indigenous youth? Consider sponsoring a worthy teenager to participate in any upcoming programming by donating to our scholarship program.

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