Family Love

Updated: May 6

The word “family” can carry many different meanings. For some, family are the people you are biologically connected to, for some it is those you choose to have in your lives, and for others family refers to anyone you have a profound love for. There is no correct definition when it comes to those you choose to identify as being your family. What is important is that we learn to navigate through these relationships in a healthy and positive manner.

It is not uncommon for people to relate to the word family with feelings of trauma, anxiety and anger. When we grow up in a family structure we learn conscious and subconscious behaviors by those who are caring for us. Our first bonds are formed when we are babies and the nurturing or lack thereof, can have profound impacts on how we see relationships and our understanding of love. Attachments are meant to begin with the family we are raised in but there can be instances where attachments are not formed in a manner that encourages trust and love and may only form as a result of the need to survive.

Our childhood trauma in regards to attachments and bonds does not mean we can never experience love or attachments in a healthy way when we are adults. What it does mean is that we need to understand how our underlying family beliefs and experiences can influence our present day choices and behaviors. We do the work needed to heal so that we do not repeat negative behavioral patterns.

  • We learn to set healthy boundaries with toxic family members.

  • We engage in honest and uncomfortable conversations with family members that have hurt us in the past

  • We take acc