Through indigenous ways of knowing, explore the divine connection between the moon and your menstrual cycle. Join a community of menstrators decolonizing their period. Designed by indigenous menstruators for indigenous menstruators.


This two-day retreat will include 11 live presentations from indigenous practitioners, advocates, and experts.

Menstrual Kit

The first 100 registered participant will be given a menstrual celebration kit. This will include amazing samples from our sponsors, menstrual products, and other fun goodies. Register today to ensure you get your kit!


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Cami Kanoa-Wong is a Wahine Aloha ʻĀina from Mānoa, Kona, Oʻahu. She currently lives in Waimānalo, Koʻolaupoko with her kāne and four keiki. She is an advocate for reclaiming sovereignty within Hawaiian families through birth and subsequent life cycles.  She has spent many hours researching Hawaiian birth traditions to help catch a glimpse of the past as we establish what Hawaiian birth can look like in the present and in the future. 

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Eagle Shield

Alayna Eagle Shield is Tip of the Horn Lakota, Lives on Knives and Dwellers of the Sacred Lake Dakota, and Arikara. She is first and foremost Iná (mother) of three beautiful children, Tȟá Oníya Wakȟáŋ Wiŋ (Her Sacred Breath Woman), Waaruxti Nataree’ux Tawisa (Blue Thunder Returns) and Tȟa-čháŋgleška Lúta Hokšíla (His Red Hoop Boy). She married to a prayerful partner.

She is a reactivated language warrior and health promotion worker. She is currently the Co-Executive Director for the Mni Wiconi Clinic and Farm and one of a group of co-founders who are co-creating the Mní Wičhóni NakíčižI ŋ Wóuŋspe (Defenders of the Water School). She is also a Doctoral Student at the University of Washington. 

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Kāne Kuahiwinui

Makana Kāne Kuahiwinui is from Oʻahu with ties to Aoteraroa (New Zealand) as well. In addition to teaching ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi at Kamehameha Schools, she is a mea hula with Ka Pā Hula o Ka Lei Lehua. In her spare time she also helps others with life coaching and financial advising. Makana has done extensive research on menstruation through a Hawaiian cultural lense where she argues for the dismantling of dangerous and derogatory terms and perspectives. She has been called upon to consult and help families create their own menstrual ceremonies in their homes as well as to lead women and girl circles.

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Nina is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Herbalist & Plant-Based Chef living in Kahalu’u on the Windward side of O’ahu. Her passion is to help bring people back to living in rhythm with nature through our food & healing systems. Nina is the owner and operator/chef of Living Ayuveda Hawaii and Ninacucina Health. 

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With the health industry currently saturating the market with “quick fix” and “cookie cutter” approaches, Alyssa aims to challenge these "norms" by taking a whole human approach to health. With over 9 years of studying neuroscience, she works with clients to improve their connection between the brain and body, so they can better listen, trust and befriend their bodies

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Mama Maiz is a community healer & herbalist teaching ways to revolutionize your self care habits. They are also a full spectrum doula providing support and care to all families. Mama Maiz strives to  bring back tradition and ceremony into our daily lives. They provide traditional herbal remedies that will assist you in creating a stronger connection to yourself, your ancestors and the earth.

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Faith, Excellence, and Quality are the standards that Sharry, owner and founder of The Cookie Jar Spa & Boutique, lives by. As a young woman her passion for the beauty, health, and wellness industry began in 2001. She is a woman that wears many hats, Mortgage Underwriter, financial planning, notary public, certified yoni steam facilitator and body contouring specialist; creating a family legacy is the driving force behind The Cookie Jar, as well as her belief to never settle for less.

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She was born and raised in Waimanalo, Oahu. She has worked in the healthcare for over 15 years and has a passion in helping people with their health and well- being especially Native Hawaiians. She currently Resides on the island of Hawai’i working at the Queens North Hawaii Hospital in the Native Hawaiian Health - Kahi a Ola whose mission is to support the healing for Hawaiians who are managing chronic diseases. Brandy has two wonderful boys and loves dancing hula, going to the beach, and traveling the world.

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Nikki-Ann Yee never pulls her punches and is a passionate protector of the health of Hawai’i’s families. With over 17 years of experience in systems, customer service training and mentoring throughout the US, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Nikki has led highly complex and impactful initiatives at Fortune 100 companies and tiny non-profits. Nikki is a graduate of Iolani School and the University of Southern California.

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Anastasha Maria is an Animist, Ceremonialist, and Practitioner of Earth-based wisdom. As a perpetual student of life, she has always been captivated in understanding the depths of the human and collective psyche, or soul. Her work entails weaving ancient and contemporary modalities, rooted in her training of holistic mental health counseling, intuitive energy healing practices, and mediumship. Through facilitating sacred spaces both in community and one-on-one, she compassionately guides others to honor their divine humanness in hopes to re-claim self-empowerment and personal sovereignty.

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Tai Hawkens &

Alicia Yang

Olanani AcuOasis was founded by two Chinese Medicine practitioners as a sanctuary for personal and collective healing in Kailua, Hawaii. Our mission is to help you infuse traditional knowledge of holistic wellness and botanical formulations into the everyday, so you can live your best life. We provide a complete range of wellness services based on Chinese Medicine, and as well as clean, herbal, handcrafted products for internal health and natural beauty.

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Hey! My name is Jamie. I love my day job working at Starbucks, being a Mom, and helping to end period poverty as well as eradicate injustices against human rights.

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