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As part of our online library, we put together some of our most popular workshops.

​In this bundle, Quaran-Teen Edition, we explore many of the unique challenges that we have faced and continue to face in the time of COVID-19. You will learn new strategies to address many of these challenges. We will draw strength through Queen Liliʻuokalaniʻs story as well as working on our mindset and acknowledging and validating some of the hard times that quarantine has presented in the book, Stuff that Sucks.

The adult companion guide video will help your adults learn about the struggles teenagers and young adults face and how to support you through good and difficult times.​​

In addition to access to our online library, each workshop bundle comes with a complementary coaching session. Work with our trained coaches and mental health professionals to set incorporate your new learning into your daily routines.

Three workshops are
included in the bundle:

  • Coping with COVID-19

  • Quaran-Teen Fatigue

  • Adult Companion Guide

  • 30 minute 1:1 coaching session

This bundle also includes all workshop materials:

  • Book: Hawaiiʻs Story By Hawaiiʻs Queen

  • Book: Stuff That Sucks

  • Workshop supplies

  • Journal/pen

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Face mask 


​Through participating in this series of workshops, our hope for you is that you...

  • Identify coping strategies that work for you

  • Learn how to validate and accept your feelings.


"It showed me that I have ways to cope during these troubling times"

- James, age 14​

"It helped me learned that I should be really watching out for my personal health."

- Bronson, age 15

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