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Mahina + Me Virtual Retreat Recap

Earlier in June, we had our very first international Mahina and Me Virtual Retreat. The goal of this retreat was to create a new narrative around our menstrual cycles and encourage participants to look at their own indigenous practices from the past to create new ceremonies for themselves in the present. We had the most amazing lineup of presenters all offering unique perspectives on how to look at our menses and how to care for ourselves during this sacred time.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of our presenters, sponsors, and participants. Here are our stats!

  • 47 participants from Hawaiʻi, the continental United States, Czech Republic, Indonesia, and New Zealand

  • 8 families of menstruators participated together

  • 20 participants identify as Native Hawaiian

  • 44 participants identify as BIPOC

  • 12 scholarships were given to participants

We were so humbled by the experience of creating a community of menstruators and allies and in helping to facilitate a paradigm shift when it comes to thinking about your moon cycle. The feedback from our participants was also very touching.

“I finally feel like I can incorporate ceremony and intention in my life/”

“(Iʻm) Building a better relationship with my moon cycle and celebrating and honoring that time.”

“It was very interesting to learn about phases of the menstrual cycle through the lens of neuroscience. I will definitely be using the eye exercise and breathing technique that Alyssa shared with us. I also loved the session with Sharry. I was surprised how yoni steaming can help with so many issues. It was great that Sharry showed us step by step instructions on how to steam. All the speakers were very knowledgeable and experts in their fields. I was excited to learn about Hawaiian practices and philosophies. Thank you Momi and Priscilla for putting this retreat together! So much positive energy! The riddles with the clues were super fun!”

As we reflect back on that amazing weekend, we are so excited for next year, to expand more on the creation of a community around menstruation, and to continue the mission of normalizing menstruation and increased ceremonies in our homes.

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