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Life is Worth Celebrating

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

When I was growing up and something great happened to me, I was told, “You have five minutes to celebrate. Reach to the heavens but donʻt forget to come back down.” While this kept me incredibly grounded, steadfast, and steady, Iʻve never really embraced the celebration.

I wouldnʻt say that I am a glass half empty kind of a person but often, I do say, “Ok, thatʻs done. Whatʻs next?”

Checklists are extremely satisfying to me. Making a list, marking things off, and moving on to the next thing gets me excited, and helps me to feel productive and efficient. Much of my success can be attributed to this tendency but it doesnʻt often give me room to take stock of what Iʻve accomplished and celebrate those things. Constantly focusing on what’s next feels like I'm on a treadmill with life passing me by. Sometimes we can be so focused on the bigger picture, on how we can accomplish our biggest goals, that we forget that the small achievements on the way there are just as important, that the small details make the bigger picture that much more beautiful. As I look back at what I was taught and how I experienced life, I realize life really is worth celebrating.

As we move into this new year, here are some promises Iʻve made to myself…

  • Be kind to myself-

This is easier said than done. It's easy to criticize yourself or over-analyze situations. I am the empress of over-analysis but I promise I will be kind to myself and let go of negative thoughts.

  • Celebrate my accomplishments-

Upon everything I accomplish, I will give myself (maybe even more than five minutes) to celebrate. Buy the cake, throw the party, do the happy dance, or take a deep breath even for small stuff.

  • Stay present-

My tendency to easily move on the next thing is really me living in the future and not in the moment. By staying in the present moment, I will give myself the space and time to celebrate all the good that has come into my life.

  • Accept and allow other people to celebrate me-

Like most people, I find it difficult to accept a compliment or I deflect when someone says something positive about me. But from now on, I will accept and appreciate when others celebrate me and thank them with much gratitude.

Life is worth celebrating. Donʻt let it pass you by without embracing all the joy that comes with it. I hope you join me in these promises too.

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