Tips from a College Athlete

Life in general can be very tough, especially coming to college and moving out of your comfort zone, even moving to a new state. Or in my case, playing for a whole new team. My name is Beon Riley. I play for the University of Hawaii’s men's basketball team and I’m also a full time student majoring in business management.

My first two years of college were definitely a huge change in my life. I am originally from California, so moving to an island 3,000 miles across the ocean wasn't very easy. Hawaii is much different than any of the states I’ve traveled to, and I began adjusting to new norms and learning more about the beautiful culture. With such a nerve racking change, it’s important to find your passion and to use every opportunity as a lesson. Each day brings new lessons and new accomplishments, and opportunities to learn more about yourself. In this blog, I would like to share some tips for dealing with change and adversity, whether it be for school or life outside of that.