Mohala Manifestation

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Our younger generation is living in a social media world where they are inundated with influencers who run around in expensive clothes, fancy cars, luxurious vacations and enhanced body parts. Exposure to these images can easily lead our youth to focus on all the things they do not have as opposed to being grateful for the things and blessings they have. This type of wanting leads to frustration, negative attitude about their life as well as depressive thoughts. So how do we counter this type of thinking? One technique we can teach our youth is the power of manifestation. Now before you roll your eyes and think this is some hocus pocus nonsense, there is tons of research and documentation on the powerful benefits of manifestation or another term is “ Law of Attraction.” You many have heard of this term before from the hit movie and book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne. But this term actually originated back in 1877 by another woman, Helena Blavatsky.

The premise behind the law of attraction manifestation is the belief that what you ask for the universe will deliver to you. You change your mindset from a wanting to a believing that these things will come to you. You begin to visualize things coming to you the way that you asked them to. We have all heard of the saying, “ careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” This statement is a great example of manifestation. Every emotion we feel first starts with a thought (either conscious or subconscious) we have had about something. We can not feel sad when we think of happy thoughts and we can not be happy if we have negative thoughts. The law of attraction doesn't define good or bad for us, it just delivers whatever you are asking. Part of the manifestation process is to be intentional with your thoughts. Focus on positive thoughts if you desire positive things in your life. If you fill your mind with negative thoughts, then what you will manifest will have negative impacts on your life. The power of law of attraction lies in the impact our thoughts have on our choices and behaviors. Our own personal narrative is actually a road map of our life. What we think is what we become and the law of attraction is a direct result of this. So if you are ready to start off this new year with positivity, health and happiness then here are some tips on how to manifest through the law of attraction.