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Planning in the New Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

As we approach the new year many of us make new goals and commitments that often entail being more organized and reaching new milestones. This is the time we take out the new planners or look at purchasing one. As two working mothers with more than one job outside of the home, organization is everything for us at Pua Mohala! We both love a good planner and get very artsy and creative in organizing them. To welcome in this new year, we thought weʻd suggest several planners we have and have come across. Planners come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges so shop around and do your research to find the right one for you. There are many documented benefits to using planners among the most common ones are: time management, heightened productivity, greater chance of reaching goals, support in reaching health goals, and never missing an appointment. So here's to a more organized and successful 2021!

Title of Planner: Muy Busy

Quick facts: Bilingual (English/Spanish) Company owned by a Latina

Why is it great: Weekly view boxes are nice and spacious. Inspirational quotes in both English and Spanish. Marked Latin American holidays and celebrations create a sense of pride as well and learning about new celebrations. The only thing better than feeling put together and organized is feeling that way in two different languages. This planner gives you all those vibes!

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Monthly tabs are in script and rather small for my old lady eyes. I am not a big fan of spiral bound planners because it proves to be challenging for the lefty in me.

Size: 6.5”x 9.5”

Price: $49.99

Title of Planner: Passion Planner

Quick facts: Faux leather bound with a variety of beautiful artwork and colors, high quality, monthly and weekly calendars. Variety of calendars available from blank, to year, to academic, and daily. Indigenous founded company by a Filipina

Why is it great: Passion Planners help guide you through an exercise to identify what your long term and short term goals are. It helps you break down those goals into doable chunks which you date and put into your planner to keep you on track. The weekly calendar includes inspirational quotes and planning boxes to keep you focused. The monthly reflection sheets are introspective and the extra grid and blank pages are a nice touch. Also comes with tons of support. The website includes weekly blogs and free digital downloads, Instagram features inspiration and realistic expectations, and they even text calendaring tips.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The extras (monthly tabs, stickers, fun color pens, etc.) really make the planner. These all need to be purchased separately. The journal prompts and reflection boxes are thought provoking. I tend to get lost and dreaming in thought when using them, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how much time you have for self reflection everyday.

Size: It comes in three sizes: Small (5.7ʻx 8.3”), Medium (6.97”x 9.96”), Large (8.5”x 11.25”)

Price: $25-35

Title of Planner: SLINGSHOT

Quick facts: 2021 Guide to Social Activism & GrassRoots mobilization. If Howard Zinn created a planner, it would look like this.

Why is it great: Lots of great information for the activist in you. A whole section on the back about dealing with cops, what to wear to protests and DIY emotional health tips. Book lists and marks dates that are significant in our global history in regards to protests, human rights violations and activism. The graphics are whimsical.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Very busy and the print is a challenge for my limited eyesight.

Size: 6”x 9”

Price: $15-20 depending on the store

Title of Planner: Many Moons 2021 Lunar Planner

Quick facts: This planner was made in collaboration with 13 different witches, Tarot readers, astrologers, and herbalists to write an exclusive piece on how to harness the energy of varying Moon phases throughout 2021. Contributor writings include either a custom spell, a Tarot pull, ritual, or journaling exercise

Why is it great: Elegant, simple, great graphics, and pages have a lot of information but doesn't come across as too busy. If you roll with the moon and horoscopes are your thing, then this is your planner.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Not enough blank pages for notes, no monthly tabs or page marker attached, spiral bound. Note (not a flaw) this lunar planner follows the Gregorian 2021 calendar year.

Size: 7”x 9.5”

Price: $48.00

Title of Planner: Commit 30

Quick facts: Very popular brand and have perfected the planner game. Beautiful cover and a variety of colors and sizes, can also purchase a digital planner for this brand. They also have planners specific to exercise.

Why is it great: Very sturdy and comes with a page marker and lots of free blank note pages in the back and in between. Weekly pages have ample space to write and one page every month dedicated to writing out and setting goals.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Monthly tabs and extras are separate price.

Size: Deluxe (7”x 10”)

Price: currently on sale for $34.99 for deluxe size


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