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Category:2020 films Category:2020s Malayalam-language films Category:Indian filmsQ: Using Simulink to run simulation, capture data, and then save data into MATLAB using a sub function I'm relatively new to Simulink and I'm currently trying to create a simulation and save the results of it. I have a working flow with one block that is a random number generator. I have a sub function that lets me check my results and convert it to MATLAB format. The results are saved into the MATLAB workspace. I've tried incorporating the save data functionality from this site: MATLAB How to: Collect Data Using Sub Functions and Sub Programs This works and I'm able to use the results in MATLAB. However, my simulation takes almost 20 seconds to run and I would like to be able to speed it up so that it can be run at a faster rate. The simulation runs fine. I'm just trying to figure out how I can make this run faster. When I run my sub function (which runs on the results from the random number generator block) the simulation only lasts a few seconds. Here is my model: Simulink Model: Thanks in advance! A: It sounds like you want to run your simulation longer, but want to be able to capture the data afterwards. In which case you can just trigger the output from your random number generator block after your sub function has finished. You can trigger a new block on any signal with the "Simulate until" block (ctrl+2 on my system). In this case you would use "Simulate until" on the random number generator block output port. 08 Nov 2015 Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes has stepped in to help those hit hard by the recent flooding in Kent. Dancing on the Cliff, the family drama written by Fellowes and produced by Carnival Films for ITV, has just been picked up by BBC2 in the UK. Carnival Films says the drama "tells the story of the residents of Eastchurch on the Kent coast at the height of the Great War, and the havoc wreaked on the town by a massive storm surge and tidal wave." Subscribe to Screen International Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry. Subscribe now for monthly editions, awards season