Menstrual Cycles- Letʻs Talk About It!

For many of us, when we recall the first time our period came, it was riddled with confusion, embarrassment, as well as some fear. Oftentimes, parents wait until their childʻs period has already come before they talk about it, leaving the menstruator with a lot of confusion. Why is this such a difficult conversation for many parents to have with their children? The stigma around our periods can make it uncomfortable for us to have early age conversations with our child. We carry around our own labels and then project them onto our child. So why all the stigma around our monthly cycle?

There are three ideas on why itʻs difficult for parents to talk about menstrual cycles:

  • We hold on to the stigmas about our periods for ourselves.

  • We donʻt know enough about our own bodies to talk about body changes with our child.

  • Menstruation is a sign that our bodies are ready for reproduction. Anatomically, our children are able to have children.