ʻŌpio Spotlight: R Planet

“Together we’re making a difference”

If there is one thing Raina and Rhema Wong, co-owners (and twin sisters) of R Planet, would like people to know is that together, we can help create and sustain a healthy environment. In 2019, Raina and Rhema, just high school students at the time, were beginning their sustainability journey. Emboldened by their passion for the environment and their desire to find more solutions to the environmental crisis, they launched R Planet, a (now online) marketplace offering a range of goods, from reusable produce bags to bamboo utensil kits to toothpaste tablets. Today, Earth Day, is the second anniversary of their business. They’ve only just begun. Opening a one-stop shop with reusable products is only the first phase of the impact R planet will have on the world.

“We wanted to be a resource for people to learn mo