ʻŌpio Spotlight- Isabella Souza

Updated: Apr 22

Lovers and strangers, colleagues and peers, family and friends - the many different kinds of relationships we navigate in our lives. Perhaps the hardest of these relationships to foster is our relationship to ourselves. The concept of self love is simple, but enacting the mentality and behaviors associated with self love can be a different ball game altogether. But like all difficult tasks, one should start with small steps. Self care can be the first step in a long journey to learning how to love oneself, and when it comes to learning new things, it's a good idea to start young. Self-Made Self-Care for the Teenager is an excellent book to help young people to develop habits of self care, starting them on their journey of self love. You can read my full review of Self-Made Self-Care for the Teenager here, but this ‘ōpio spotlight is going to be about the author behind this wonderful book.